T&C and Refund Policy

Though we have never had to refund any amount, it is our duty to lay the ground rules for refund so you and I are comfortable about the whole deal.

Our payment terms are generally some amount advance to block the time, and rest when car reaches your place. We don’t take money after the service is over. We require full amount to be paid at the beginning.

Since we can’t rule out the fact, car can go down anytime or meet with accident/unfortunate event, In such cases we try to give you options available. If you don’t want to take it and trip hasn’t started, we refund full amount without any penalty. If trip has started and we meet such situation half way, we charge according to the time/KM already used out of total duration, for example if you booked your car for Rs. 15000 for 100 KM, 12 hours and round trip and we meet with some problem after reaching your destination and are not able to drop you back, we will charge half amount and return rest.

In any such case, we are willing to listen to you, however we reserve the right to accept or deny.

By giving us your information, you allow us to contact you to discuss details and we assure you that your information is not sold to any outer agency without your permission.

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